competition [käm΄pə tish′ən]
[L competitio]
1. the act of competing; rivalry
2. a contest, or match
3. official participation in organized sport
4. opposition, or effective opposition, in a contest or match
5. rivalry in business, as for customers or markets
6. the person or persons against whom one competes
7. Ecol. the struggle among individual organisms for food, water, space, etc. when the available supply is limited
SYN.- COMPETITION denotes a striving for the same object, position, prize, etc., usually in accordance with certain fixed rules; RIVALRY implies keen competition between opponents more or less evenly matched, and, unqualified, it often suggests unfriendliness or even hostility; EMULATION implies endeavor to equal or surpass in achievement, character, etc. another, usually one greatly admired

English World dictionary. . 2014.